Vatnsnes – Nature’s Work of Art

Midway between Reykjavík and Akureyri

Midway between Reykjavík and Akureyri

Vatnsnes offers many places of interest and a great choice of activities.

Whether your interests lie in culture, history, nature, or outdoor activities and recreation, you surely will find something that excites you.

Here are just few of the things that might interest you.

Route of Pearls

The Route of Pearls circle

The Route of Pearls

1. Hvammstangi / Town
Seal Center and old Church

2. Fold Round up

3. Seal Colony

4. Illugastaðir / Seal Colony

* Geitafell – Seafood Restaurant

5. Tjörn

7. Hvítserkur

8. Vesturhópshólar

9. Borgarvirki – Crater

10. Breiðabólsstaður

11. Gauksmýrartjörn – Birdwatching

12. Víðidalstunga

13. Gorge of Kola the Troll