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The Seal Center

Visit the Icelandic Seal Center at Hvammstangi. Hvammstangi is a fishing village and a center for the surrounding area. It provides variety of services as well as attractions including The Seal Center, a Museum of Trade and an outdoor swimming pool

Seal watching at Illugastaðir

You can visit Illugastaðir. There you can go seal watching and also learn about the tragic historic events that lead to the last execution in Iceland.

We recommend you dine at the Seafood Restaurant at Geitafell. Freshly caught fish and other seafood traditionally prepared with herbs and spices. Served with locally grown salad and homemade bread… could it be any better!

Take a look at Hvítserkur, a huge sea-eroded cliff sticking out of the sea like a huge jagged tooth. According to legend the rock is a petrified monster.

Traveling in this area you absolutely have to experience the natural phenomenon of Borgarvirki. It is a volcanic plug used by Vikings as a fort during armed conflicts. It offers stunning views and the road to the top is an experience by itself.

Also a very stunning scenery is by Kolugljúfur, a stunning river gorge named after the troll Kola who lived by the river and fed on fish, livestock and occasional farmer.